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Welcome to Early Years @ L2D…

At Liv2Dance we believe that Early Years children deserve the same high level of teaching we offer to all our students.

We offer a variety of opportunities for babies and young children to explore creativity with their parents and caregivers, including Music and Movement, Dance, Art and Sensory play.

Little Groovers – music and movement (walking – 2y)
Mini Movers – pre-school dance (2.5 – 4y)
Happy Feet – Ballet and Tap dance introduction for pre-school age (3.5 – 5y)
Funky Feet – Street Dance – (3.5 – 5y)
Pointers – Ballet (4 – 5y)

We also offer regular themed events at the studio for babies upwards. Please check our ‘news’ page and our Facebook page for more info…

About our classes:

Classes are structured, this is important as it provides children with a sense of security from which they can begin to explore and build confidence. We start sessions seated in a circle and will always begin with a familiar welcome song to get the children clapping and engaged in finding a beat. Children will have the opportunity to play percussive instruments and we will use props and visual materials to support the class content and any theme that we may be using.

The material we use will always be age appropriate, we use a combination of traditional rhymes and songs interspersed with new educational songs, music from around the world and from different musical genres. For older children we introduce basic ideas of dance steps and creativity alongside music and movement theory, rhythm, tempo, pitch, dynamics, interpretation – there are many ways in which we can develop the class as the children themselves grow and develop, the sessions provide an excellent opportunity for children to build skills they can take with them to Primary School and provides a solid grounding in dance that can be developed further if they choose to progress to our main school classes for 5 years upwards.

Little Groovers
Children at this age can have short attention spans and they like to roam!

To aid engagement we use a lot of interaction, bright props, visuals and a variety of percussion instruments. Age appropriate themes can keep little ones interested and we introduce independent movement, stretching, jumping, galloping and similar.

Mini Movers
Mini Movers is a pre-school dance class with a difference. At this young age, rather than offering any particular technique we explore a wide range of genres of both dance and music. We encourage expression and experimentation and find that this approach is rewarding with our children building confidence and self-esteem as well as stong body awareness. We use dance as a spring board to teach knowledge of the world we live in, for example through the music and dance of different cultures or by using fun and engaging themes, props, visual aids. Inspiration can come from books, pictures, poems or from the music itself.

Happy Feet
Happy Feet offers your little one the opportunity to develop early skills in both Ballet and Tap techniques. The class introduces basic steps in both styles of dance and encourages rhythm, poise, creativity and an early passion for and understanding of these core techniques through fun, lively sessions.

Funky Feet
This class provides a solid ground in Street Dance for your little one. Our Funky Feet dancers are introduced to key elements of Street Dance and take part in structured sessions including an energetic warm up, travelling work, technical steps and encouraging freestyle skills.

This class focuses on Classical Ballet and is suitable for children aged 4 – 5 years, encouraging our young dancers who have just started school to develop the skills and technique needed for a smooth transition into our Junior 1 Ballet class.

If you are unsure which class would be the most suitable for your child then please call to discuss it, these age bands are guidelines only and we will always work with you to ensure that your child is in the class they will most benefit from.

We offer a taster session in all classes for £4 each, so if you would like to reserve a space for your child please contact us as soon as possible.